Sydenham Botanic Park

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Plant wishlist for lower walkway and wetland

A list of preferred plants for the parks lower walkway and wetland area has been created after consultation with local ecologist Sarah Beadel. This list is designed to enhance the parks Gondwanaland experience and showcase indigenous species that occur naturally in Tauranga’s Ecological District, or would probably have been present in the past.

Ptisana salincina – King fern
Cyathea cunninghammii – Punui or gully tree fern
Cyathea dealbata – Ponga or silver fern
Cyathea medullaris – Mamaku
Cyathea smithii – Katote or soft tree fern
Dicksonia fibrosa – Wheki ponga
Dicksonia squarrosa – Wheki

Dacrycarpus dacridioides – Kahikatea
Dacrydium cupressinum – Rimu
Agathis australis – Kauri
Laurelia novae-zelandiae – Pukatea
Alectryon excelsus – Titoki

Understory plantings:
Macropiper excelsum – Kawakawa
Brachyglottis repanda – Rangiora

Grasses and Rushes:
Apodasmia similis – Oioi
Empodisma minus – Wire rush
Sporadanthus ferrugineus – Bamboo rush, Giant wire rush

Monocot Tress and Shrubs:
Phormium cookianum – Mountain flax
Rhopalostylis sapida – Nikau

If you are interested in supporting the park by sponsoring a plant or donating plants of your own please contact us.